7 Great Matching Outfit Ideas for Couples that will not get you laughed at!

Most couples are usually seen walking down the streets in similar clothes. Recent statistics in the US reveals 60% couples usually wear matching clothes at least once in a year.

Most people are known to have a deep inherent fear of being judged negatively due to their inability to dress well. This will always come into your mind whenever your partner drops the bomb and says: “Why don’t we wear same thing today?”

For sure, your heart will start beating at a faster rate and your perspiration will become a waterfall. You will try by all means to drop that idea but do not want to let down your partner. Yourself you are not always sure with your dressing code but right now you need to dress as a couple! Well, you do not have to panic or fear. These seven great matching outfit ideas will ensure you are not laughed at or no one mocks at you or your partner.

1. Silly in the same Shirt

Whenever one talks about his queen her king wearing matching outfits, what comes to your mind first is the couple’s shirt. While there are similar shirts which can be cute, there are some designs which can at times be appalling. In case you do not want to be any of those nauseatingly sweet couples, it is still possible to achieve the harmonious appearance in the same shirt.

2. Be Outstanding in the same Colour

Any matching outfit for any couple should never be complicated. It is just as simple as wearing clothes of the same colour. However, you need to avoid putting on boring monotony by wearing any accessory that will pop out and help in defining you as a couple.

3. Get Amorous in Alternating Colours and Patterns

The matching ideas for the couples do not have to involve the same tops and bottoms. You and your partner can still look great in alternating colours. For example, you can take an inspiration from John Legend and Chrissy Teigen who used to put on alternating black and army green combo. You will never run out of any alternating matching outfits as a couple. In case both of you are athletic, you can decide to try out a variety of matching sporty outfits currently available in the market. You can make it as simple as wearing identical jackets.

4. Get Fashionable in Formal Attire

You need not to confine your matching outfit ideas only to casual clothes. In order to establish the power of your relationship, both of you can wear matching high fashion formal outfits. You can take inspiration from A-list celebrity couples who wear congruent suits and gown combos. It will never hurt you if you opt to put on a crisp suit resembling that of your partner.

5. Get Lovely in Leather

Leathers might not be that cool these days. However, if you are interested in having an edgy look with your boyfriend, you can decide to go for a matching leather outfit. One great unifying factor is a leather jacket. In order to solidify the rocky couple look, you can both wear leather boots.

6. Couple Shoes

One of the best way to peak your relationship meter is by walking hand in hand with your partner with the congruent leading the way. In case both of you are sporty and trendy, this can work for you. You can also decide to put in clothes that match your sneakers. It is neither offensive nor too striking on the eyes of the strangers. No need to worry about the judgemental eyes that will be watching you.

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