Where to get Couples’ Hoodies

There are young couples everywhere; from the grocery store, to the park, to just about every social media network. So many of these couples are rocking couple hoodies; from the cute ones with sayings that play off of each other to the ones that match. There are numerous of styles to choose from. So when you’re looking for some for you and your partner in crime, you may be wondering where to begin. Below is some information on where to start when looking for the best couples’ hoodies.

For the Love of Etsy

Etsy is magic! If you haven’t heard of Etsy, then do yourself a favor and go to the website, or download the app onto your phone as soon as you can. You’ll thank me for it, then spend the next 3 hours looking through everything and end up with 7 items in your cart that you just have to have. Etsy is a website where people can go to buy and sell handmade, vintage, unique, and antique items. They have everything, from typewriters, to art, to specialized t-shirts and hoodies. This is why Etsy is the perfect place to start when looking for couples’ hoodies. You can personalize your own, or see what other people have created and are selling. They have so many different shops on Etsy, you’re sure to have a good variety to choose from.

Always Check Amazon

I always check Amazon when I’m looking for anything before I go to the store. I’ve bought salt and pepper shakers, clothes, books, watches, shoes, etc. Amazon is the epitome of convenience. And they also have much cheaper deals a lot of the time as well! So searching for couples’ hoodies on Amazon is a great place to try since they serve as such a large platform for so many other companies to sell their products. This is what gives you so many options when browsing Amazon. A lot more options then you get when looking in store.

Make Your Own

If you can’t find it/buy it, make it. This is the phrase I go by, and what inspires most of my DIY projects. Most of the time, the only person who can create exactly what you’re looking for, is you. So who better than to make you and your partner some couples hoodies? No one! So why not make a cute date out of it. Grab some hoodies and have some fun together. One idea is to have a paint fight with them on. That way, you get a cool hoodie that matches your person, plus a great memory with them. Or you could get an image transfer kit and put some a personalized image on the hoodies. Another idea is to use letter stencils and fabric paint to write whatever you’d like. That’s the fun with a DIY project; you can make it however you’d like!

Couples hoodies are such a cute idea and can be a lot of fun to look for, or make with your better half. As long as you have an idea of what you want and where to begin!

Author: Melanie Ann

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